League of Legends – LPL / LCK March 27

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FunPlus Phoenix vs OMG

This should be a fun one to watch. Doinb is an elite talent, and he is dominating int he LPL right now. On the other side icon has been lights out recently. I think this spread is a little to big for this match. OMG is running hot right now, and they are actually a good team. Might not be on the level of FPX, but they are still good. If OMG has a chance tonight it will be Curse up TOP applying major pressure to GimGoon. OMG is priced low enough that if they steal a game, they can hit value. Give me a Smlz/H4cker and cold stack if going OMG. Still i think FPX proves to much and they win 2-1.

eStar vs LNG Gaming

Wow has eStar been impressive thus far in the LPL. Sitting atop the league. They like to fight, and they are really good at it. They seem to be the chalk of the slate today, so running them in cash isnt a bad idea. Both teams like to fight and this one could get bloody. Wink/Cryin lead this team and the top 2 targts from eStar that i would look towards. A full 4 man stack might be tough, but if you can get there I wouldn't mind it. LNG on the other hand is a great GPP target, if you think they can off a game upset. Asura/Maple and Xx would be the targets here, and they would be a big leverage GPP play tonight.

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LPL Standings

FunPlus Phoenix vs OMG

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eStar vs LNG Gaming

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League of Legends - LPL / LCK March 27
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