League of Legends – LPL March 17

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Funplus just dismantlement Team WE this morning. RW through in an upset and if you had any combo of those 2 teams, you probably had a good morning. Tomorrow morning the LPL gives us another 3 game slate. With 2 heavy favorites and 1 close game, even though I think their could be an upset tonight. The TOP vs Vici Gaming match up will be an interesting one, and might decide who takes home 20K.


LNG vs Victory Five (V5)


Starting 5:

Top - Flandre
JNG - Xx
MID - Maple
ADC - Light
Sup - Duan

LNG should win this with ease tomorrow. Light is getting the start over Asura, and that should help jump start this team. LNG is a top tier team, but they do have the players to compete for a playoff spot. They capitalize on mistakes made by their opponent, and V5 makes a few of those a game. Look for LNG to roll tomorrow over V5.

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LNG vs Victory Five (V5)


Xyfwynsl 5:

Cxy – Kqfsiwj
OSL – Ll
QMH – Xlawp
LON – Tqopb
Cez – Qhna

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Victory Five

Jkrikzex 5:

Dyz – Jurni
FBW – Surk
CFE – d4
Xzu – ird

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League of Legends - LPL March 17
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