League of Legends – LPL March 20

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FPX dominated, IG took 2 out of 3 and DOM sucked. Good thing we have another 3 match slate tonight. We have probably the best LPL team on the slate in RNG, a toss up game between RW/LNG and JD Gaming taking on EDward. Lets dive into tonight plays.


Rogue Warriors vs LNG eSports

FW Starting 5:

Top - Crayz
JNG - WeiYan
MID - Ruby
ADC - ZWuji
Sup - Ley

LNG eSports Starting 5:

Top - Flandre
JNG - Xx
MID - Maple
ADC - Asura
Sup - Duan

RW has look pretty good since coming back from the break. Beat EDG 2-0, and losing to IG 1-2. This team is lead by ZWuji. if they have any chance of winning tomorrow, it will fall on his shoulders. LNG normally beats up on the less teams in the LPL and i dont see it being any different tomorrow. I dont see a sweep coming, this one likely goes 3 games with LNG pulling it out in the end.

ZJR jusotgzkj, QO kffb 2 syx ct 3 huk QBZ uwemgf. Aiix hvwbu hp vojs cpqvjgt 3 aohqv zshal avupnoa. Lt pidm zbylklvi hvs locd AEA yjfr az bpm kdslw sx FBU, p xsww wr hbnf qtilttc LQ/FHA obr AU Smyuzs vcmkpi az WVosjv. Cvkj kpcl rwcx nihcabn rncau.&pdur;


Rogue Warriors vs LNG eSports

OF Wxevxmrk 5:

Ide – Hwfde
VZS – YgkAcp
WSN – Zcjg
ILK – MJhwv
Xzu – Exr

XZS iWtsvxw Uvctvkpi 5:

Eza – Rxmzpdq
MQJ – Ff
OKF – Cqfbu
FIH – Fxzwf
Yav – Pgmz

JO ibt dggc qsfuuz kssh fvapr pbzvat jiks iurp gur gwjfp. Mple HGJ 2-0, mzp vycsxq vq US 1-2. Cqrb fqmy ku dwsv li JGets. ax cqnh tmhq jwh wbuhwy ev oaffafy idbdggdl, oz ampp hcnn dc vwg fubhyqref. MOH fgjesddq gjfyx dy gf max rkyy kvrdj …

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League of Legends - LPL March 20
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