League of Legends – LPL March 21

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Top eSports vs Invictus Gaming

Top is a middle of the road team. They have had a pretty tough schedule thus far and them being 3-2 is actually really impressive. They tend to play well, expect against the top Tier teams (See RNG, 0-2). As long as they dont have to add extra help in the Bottom Lane (their weakest lane) with Photic and QiuQiu (getting the start tonight) then they should be able to keep this close.

Invictus Gaming comes in undefeated on the year and sitting a top of the LPL standings. Ning is back in the jungle tonight and he is solid. TheShy (Top) and Rookie (MID) might be 2 of the best solo lane players in the world. Problem with IG, is the tend to play down to the level of their competition, meaning they will drop a game to lesser teams, but end up winning the series, 2-1.

IG is the top on the slate, ODDs wise and salary wise. I dont mind them at all tonight, but I might myself with only 3 of them in my lineups. IF they show up to play, i dont see Top hanging with them but do we really know what IG team shows up tonight?

eStar vs Bilibili Gaming

eStar is sitting 3rd in the standings right now in LPL. That is a product of an easier schedule thus far this year. Dont get me wrong, they are a solid team for sure, but they are 3rd best team in the LPL. They have beaten the likes of FPX/LGD and SN so far, and they hung close with EDG in an 0-2 loss. Wei and Crying work well together in the jungle and MID lane and Wink is a solid ADC that can help carry them to victory if they get the lead.

BLG is putting Kingen back at TOP after ADD played 1 game last time out. This team pretty much runs through Meteor and FoFo, and they are both very solid in their roles. Jinjiao has not played well recently, but things can change quickly in LOL.

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Top eSports vs Invictus Gaming

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League of Legends - LPL March 21
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