League of Legends – LPL March 22

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Rogue Warriors vs Victory Five

This is another bottom of the standings match up in the LPL. But the question you have to ask is who is worse? The answer is V5. They are awful. Even with them subbing Daylight into JNG, i dont see that making a difference. ZWuji should have his way tonight. He is an elite ADC in the LPL, just his team isnt good. Crazy and WeiYan should be able to to control the top and JNG in this match. I honestly see no hope for V5 tonight, but is RW worth the price tag?

LGD Gaming vs Suning

LGD isnt very good. But their last 2 matches they have been pretty respectable, beating TOP 2-0 and taking IG to 3 games. Look for Penaut to provide pressure all over the map and Kramer will look to take control of the bot lane, if those 2 things happen, LGD can honestly give SN a run for their money tonight. They are a good GPP play tonight

Suning Gaming comes in as a bit of a wild card. They have looked good at times and bad at times. On paper they are the better team in all aspects of league of legends. The questions is can they put it all together in a complete game tonight vs a bad team? My answer is yes. I think they run away this, but i would not be surprised if it ended up 2-1 SN. They are good in Cash and GPPs tonight.

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Rogue Warriors vs Victory Five

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LGD Gaming vs Suning

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League of Legends - LPL March 22
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