League of Legends – LPL March 23

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Top Esports vs Dominus Esports

TOP played IG tough, but we saw just how good IG was. Top should have no problem tomorrow in this one. Dom is terrible and they have 2 subs in for this game. 369, Karsa, and Knight should have no problems today. Photic and QiuQiu should have no problems down in the BOT lane vs Gala and Mark. TOP is a cash and GPP play, and i wouldnt touch DOM, even in GPPs.

Invictus Gaming vs eStar

Invictus is the best team in the LPL. They average 35 combined kills a game, which means they like to fight. They are known the play down to their competition, so the main question is which IG team shows up tonight? TheShy, Ning and Rookie are really good playing together. The should be able to control the TOP and MID lanes for IG.

eStar isnt far behind IG in combined kills per game, at 30.4. This is setting up to be a blood bath. eStar is every out matched here but i dont think they are just going to roll over and let IG win without a fight. Look for a lot of kills and if eStar can take this to 3 games, they might pay off their salary in GPPs.

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Top Esports vs Dominus Esports

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Invictus Gaming vs eStar

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League of Legends - LPL March 23
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