League of Legends – LPL March 24

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Team WE vs Rogue Warriors

This match should be a little but closer than what the odds are saying. Its tough to know what you will get game to game with RW, but they are a good team. Their bottom lane in ZWuJi and Ley are great, and they are what keep them in most the matches that they are in. Crazy has really added another level to their game. They like to play fast vs the good teams, and make the weaker teams play to their style. Team WE hasnt really played the top talent in the LPL yet, so we are still unsure of what we have in them. But with that said, WE is the better team in this match, but not by a lot. I wouldnt be surprised if this was a close match from start to finish. Im going with the Dogs here in 3 games because of ZWuJi and Crazy. But i also would not be shocked if Team WE won in 2.

LNG Esports vs Suning

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Team WE vs Rogue Warriors

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League of Legends - LPL March 24
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