League of Legends – LPL Playoffs / LCK Playoffs April 22

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Vici Gaming vs Victory 5

VG is a massive favorite here. They play a slow grind it out style of game with not many kills. I think this takes the upside out of VG as they dont like to team fight. Other than the TEAM spot for this team i think they are all over priced. GPP play but still risky one at that. V5 has been playing better, but they are still pretty bad. Mole is TOP on DK but starting MID laner there, and i do like his value a bit as a 1 off. VG struggles when they get down early and that is the only way V5 win this series. Im not predicting a V5 win but i can see a path for them to get the 1st of the season here. VG 2-0.

Rogue Warriors vs FunPlus Phoenix

This is going to be a bloody match. RW plays free and all over the place, and FPX never backs down from a team fight. Only way this isnt bloody, is if RW makes an early mistake and FPX take them all out in a team fight and walk down the MID lane to victory. FPX is by far the best stack of the night. I was on full fade of GImGoon last time this team played and it burned me as he scored 104 points. Lwx and Doinb lead the team in every stat and are a great starting spot for any build. Crisp is the best SUP in the LPL and he is going to be used a lot to slow down ZWuJi tomorrow. LOVE FPX in all formats tomorrow and honestly like RW in GPPs if they can steal a game.

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LPL Standings

Team WE vs eStar

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