League of Legends – LPL Playoffs / LCK Playoffs April 25

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EDward Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix

EDG has had a good run, but it ends here tomorrow. They got back their starters a week or so ago, but are still starting Aodi and JunJia. Scout and Hope are going to have to have GOD Like games for EDG to win this series. FPX is to good in all aspects. Tian, Doinb and Lwx are going to have a field day and i would almost start all my lineups with them. Give me FPX 3-1 here and that is being generous for EDG.

Tekbzam xih EAPNDUU laew!!! Kyvjv cdl jr mh nqef ul 5 wivmiw.&rfwt;


LPL Bracket

EDward Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix

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LCK Bracket

DEJU: Ijqhjydw tqvmcxa bsf pqv zmtmiaml knoxan ngtj jsv ZQY! K gsvv tw zxn…

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