League of Legends -Mid Season Cup – Day 2

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JD Gaming vs Gen.G

JD Gaming takes on Gen.G in the 1st match of the day. Looking at Gen.G after the corona break, when they played online, they looked like a different team. Making mistakes and not closing out teams. They like to draft and scale for the late game, but if they make the same mistakes tonight, they will get beat. JD Gaming is in a tier above Gen.G in my opinion. Gen.G doesnt have an answer for Kanvai in the JNG this matchup. If they ban his champs, then the others will most likely be on there best champs. I see JD smashing here.

DragonX vs Invictus Gaming

This should be the high kill game of the 1st 2. IG and DRX both like to get ahead and try to snowball you to a win. IG have very good solo lane players and that should give them the slight edge in this match up. But at the same time DRX is very well coached and they have good players as well, Doran, Chovy. This should be a fun 1st 15 minutes as both teams will look to get a lead and snowball it. Im leaning IG, but would not be surprised if DRX win as well.

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JD Gaming vs Gen.G

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DragonX vs Invictus Gaming

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