LEC – Summer Split 6/12

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MAD Lions vs G2 Esports

Both of these teams come into the Summer Split with no roster changes, the only change is Perkz going back to ADC instead of MID. MAD upset G2 in the first round of the playoffs last split and G2 got their revenge a little later on, on their way to winning the Spring. With that being said G2 are the cream of the crop in LEC. MAD is an up and coming team, that exceed exceptions in the spring. While i think MAD will be good this split, this is a tough test vs one of the Worlds best LOL teams. All of G2 are in play here and if possible, in cash i would get as many of them as you can. MAD are GPP plays because i think they might be able to hang around with G2 for a bit.

MAD: Humanoid / Carzzy / Shad0w
G2: The whole Squad

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Team Stats

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MAD Lions vs G2 Esports

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UIL: Sfxlyzto / Igxffe / Ixqt0m
N2: Vjg alspi Bzdjm

Team Vitality vs FC Schalke 04

PCN ftwx migy qvobusg ot vjg ullykgyut erh c ftuzw bpmg iqdq ygot qhhghg. Ugpv Ldxtgs boe Cdooovlkmu kvdu je ftqu…

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