LEC – Summer Split 6/26

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FC Schalke 04 vs Excel Esports

A battle of the 2 worst teams in the LEC. SO4 like to play through Odoamne and Lurox in the TOP (which has not worked out for them thus far) and XL like to play through Patrik and Tore in the BOT. This should be an interesting match up and honestly, Special and Kryze have looked so bad for XL, i am leaning SO4 to pick up their first win of the split tomorrow. This is not a game im targeting in Cash, GPP only.

SO4: Lurox / Abbedagge / Odoamne
XL: Patrik / Tore

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Team Stats

FC Schalke 04 vs Excel Esports

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GC4: Yhebk / Bccfebhhf / Wlwiuvm
MA: Whaypr / Cxan

Team Vitality vs Misfits

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