LEC – Summer Split 7/18

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It’s another 5 game Saturday slate for the LEC! The playoff teams are starting to separate themselves from the pack and we have some important matchups mixed in with some potential stomps. It’s important to note that LEC is best of 1 which can sometimes lead to some chaotic results. Let’s dive in!

Vegas Odds

Team Odds Team Odds
SK Gaming -160 Excel Esports +115
Team Vitality +180 Origen -260
G2 Esports -650 Fc Schalke 04 Esports +390
Misfits Gaming +130 Rogue -180
Fnatic +130 Mad Lions -180


Standings courtesy of Liquipedia

Team Stats

For player stats, matchup breakdowns and suggested plays, purchase below!

SK Gaming vs XL Esports

SK is a team that’s starting to heat up at the right time while XL is starting to fade out of the playoff picture. Both of these teams need a victory today and we should see a very aggressive style of play that leads to lots of kills. SK has an advantage in first blood rate, first drake, baron control, and dragon control. XL’s only major statistical advantage is first tower rate. I’ve warmed up to SK a lot and will be building around them today in my main lineup. ZaZee, Crownshot, and LIMIT are the preferred plays in the bot lane with all 3 hovering around 70% KP rate. Jenax has a huge advantage over Kryze in the top lane and should continue to put up big numbers since returning from the break. SK’s win conditions are plentiful as they should be able to assert their dominance early and snowball the game out of control.

Consider: SK – Everyone

Prediction: SK with a high kill win.

Origen vs Team Vitality

Origen’s starting to settle in after a slow start to the split thanks to their strong macro play. Origen has an advantage in first blood and dragon control while VIT holds an advantage in first tower rate and baron control. Vitality is still trying to integrate their new jungler Skeanz who didn’t look terrible in his first two games. Comp/Labrov have strong KP rates over 79% and those two will need to have big games in order to pull the upset over Origen.  Upset is the primary carry for ORG and has a whopping 81.60% KP rate. The bot lane battle between him and Comp will likely determine the game winner. I do expect Origen to do what they always do and slow this game way down while choking out the other team via a snowballing gold lead. I’d look elsewhere for your main team stacks but I don’t mind running a one off with Upset or Comp.

Consider: ORG – Alphari/Upset/Team Spot, VIT: Comp, Labrov 

Prediction: Origen win an objective focused lower kill game.

G2 Esports vs FC Schalke 04

I’ve been full stacking against S04 every slate with great success but I’ve also been staying away from G2 for most slates with success as well. So this is a tough spot for me as I’m one of the few people in the industry that just hasn’t been a fan of G2 this split. They still haven’t looked like themselves to me and they’re not paying off their high prices enough. However, they’re well worth it today against a hapless S04 team that is getting absolutely destroyed weekly. Caps, Jankos, and Mikyx are the primary targets for your G2 stacks. Perkz hasn’t been his usual dominant self and has a mere 59.80% KP rate this split. At 8.4K I’ll be fading Perkz and hope he continues to struggle as major chalk. S04 is an easy fade as they offer very little upside even as a textbook leverage play.

Consider: G2 – Jankos, Caps, Mikyx

Prediction: G2 wins a bloody stomp.

Misfits Gaming vs Rogue

I love the way Rogue plays and Larssen has been the best mid laner in all of the LEC. One of the main reasons RGE has been so consistent is because of the way Larssen has mastered this meta and been able to hard carry game after game. He has 58 kills this split and a 76.70% KP rate which is fantastic but the rest of his team tends to go into more of a support style role to keep him fed. I like RGE to win this match against an inconsistent Misfits but I’m only interested in using Larssen as a one off and not full stacking his team. Misfits is a gpp only team at best right now and I have very little interest in a team that can put up 20 kills or 3 in my cash games.

Consider: Larssen(One off in all formats)/Rogue Team Spot

Prediction: Rogue with a solid dub but I’m not expecting it to be overly bloody.

Fnatic vs Mad Lions

The Mad Lions hold advantages over Fnatic in first tower rate, first drake, first baron, dragon control and baron control. Fnatic has been really disappointing this slate but have fought their way back into the playoff picture and always have a chance to win because of Rekkles. He is a hyper carry with a 2.83 KDR and a 83.50% KP rate. He holds a clear advantage over Carzzy in the bot lane so it’ll be up to Humanoid, Shad0w and Orome to win their lanes and snowball this game out of control.

Consider: ML – Orome/Shad0w/Humanoid/Kaiser, FNC – Rekkles

Prediction: Mad Lions with a close victory in a high kill game.


  • K- Kills
  • A- Assists
  • D- Deaths
  • KDR- Kill:Death Ratio
  • KP%- Kill Participation


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