LEC – Summer Split 7/18

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LEC is back for Summer split. They are best of 1 series.  



Team Stats

SK Gaming vs S04

SK came back from the break looking strong with a dominant win over Vitality and now they get to face the most fantasy friendly squad in the LEC in S04. Crownshot is the crown jewel play of this game but full stacking SK is the play in your main lineup today. This should be a clean, easy victory for SK.

SK: Everyone
S04: Fade

Excel Esports vs Rogue

XL’s only shot to win this game is to get way ahead in the early game and try to hang on the rest of the way. Rogue is extremely strong in the mid to late game and should set up pretty similar to the way Mad played XL yesterday. Larssen is an elite option today especially at captain if you can afford him. He has become one of, if not the best mid laner in the whole LEC.

RGE: Everyone
XL: Patrik(GPP one off)

Misfits Gaming vs Origen

I have almost no interest in this game for fantasy purposes as it’s going to be a slow methodical macro focused game which is typical for Origen. Misfits is having a lot of issues in the late game right now and this is a clear stay away spot for me. Origen team spot makes a solid one off but that’s about the extent of my exposure for this one.

MSF: Fade
ORG: Alphari, Team Spot

Vitality vs Fnatic

Fnatic got a much needed win yesterday but it wasn’t because of anything they did well. Misfits threw the late game which essentially gifted the dub to FNC. Vitality also looked pretty bad against SK in their first game back from teh break but I’m still going right back to them today as I have zero confidence in FNC right now. Comp and Lebrov are still a strong bot lane that can make FNC uncomfortable by pushing the tempo early and making them play from behind. I’ll take VIT in an upset win over the very broken FNC.

VIT: Comp, Labrov
FNC: Nemesis

G2 Esports vs Mad Lions

The public remains heavily in favor of G2 which is something I’ve continually taken advantage of by fading them slate after slate. Perkz returned and looked completely lost as Origen relegated him useless in lane. This is pretty much a must win for G2 today as theyre currently stuck in a 5 way tie for 3rd. Mad should be low owned and I’m going to have heavy exposure to them as I’m a believer in them being a top LEC team. Humanoid vs Caps will be must see TV and is the matchup that will likely determine who comes out on top today.

G2: Caps, Perkz
MAD: Everyone

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