LEC – Summer Split 7/3

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LEC is back for Summer split. They are best of 1 series.  



Team Stats

Team Vitality vs Excel Esports

Vitality and XL have been surprisingly good this split at completing objectives. Both teams have a first blood rate over 70% and a first baron rate of over 71%. With that being said, the onlly real interesting pieces of this game for DFS that I want to roster are the team spots. XL has the 2nd least amount of kills this split while Vitality has the 4th least amount of kills. If you insist on having a player from this game, the top play for XL is Patrik and Comp for Vitality. I do think XL picks up the small upset win today in a low kill game.

VIT: Comp/Team Spot
XL: Patrik/Team Spot

Mad Lions vs S04

This one is real simple. Play 4 Mad Lions players in your cash lineup and move on. S04 is the worst team in the LEC and is yet to even take down a single baron in 7 games. That’s a big yikes. Mad continues to mow teams down after losing game 1 to G2. At this point it’s just sad to watch S04 struggle through each game while getting embarrased. They’re a complete fade even if you’re running 150 lineups. Don’t get cute here.

MAD: Everyone
S04: EZ Fade

Fnatic vs SK Gaming

Fnatic came into this season as many peoples pick to win the summer split. Unfortunately for them they have sputtered out of the gate and it seems they’re having difficulties adapting to the current meta. I am considering this a must win game for Fnatic as -280 favorites. A loss here would be disasterous. Rekkles has been hard carrying this team but getting very little help. Hylissang has been essentially useless as his support and Nemesis has a terrible 58.2% kill participation. Something has to change for Fnatic fast before this split slips away. I am calling for a bounce back win for FNC today but it would not surprise me at all if SK pulled out a victory here. Crownshot has been fantastic with a 79.50% kill participation and a team leading 25 kills. He makes an interesting one off for tournaments.

FNC: Rekkles/SelfMade/Nemesis
SK: Crownshot/ZaZee/Team Spot

Rogue vs Origen

Rogue and Origen are two teams that play very sold macro based league of legends. Neither team dies very often as Rogue has the least amount of deaths in the LEC while Origen has the 3rd least amount of deaths. I like Rogue to win this game but the problem is Origen simply won’t engage in team fights as they prepare to scale early to mid game. This should lead to one of the lower kill games on the slate and yet another spot to target the team spots. I will say Larssen has been one of the best mid laners in the LEC so far with a 76.6% kill participation and a near the top of the LEC 35 kills. I think he will have his way with Nukeduck in this matchup making him a very interesting focal point of a 2-3 man Rogue secondary stack. on the other side Upset has been carrying Origen with 36 kills and a 81.90% kill participation. He will have a harder time trying to control the bot lane against a very tough Hans Sama and Vander duo.

RGE: Larssen/Hans Sama/Vander/Team SPot
OG: Upset/Team Spot

G2 vs Misfits

G2 will be without Perkz this weekend due to some personal matters. Bench player P1noy will be filling in for him and this is brings up a lot of question marks for the synergy of G2 with a different bot laner for the first time in quite awhile. G2 will be leaning heavily on Jankos and Caps today to carry them and theyve looked subpar by G2 standards up to this point. Misfits counters with Razork and Kobbe, both of whom have over 70% kill participation rates. If this was a 3 game series, I’d never pick against G2 against Misfits. But in a b01 with a fill-in bot laner, anything can happen. Misfits make an interesting pairing partner with teams like Mad Lions of FNC today. I think the upside is massive if Misfits is able to pull off the upset. Even if G2 wins, I don’t see them outscoring a team like Mad Lions today so while I will get exposure to them, I’m not going out of my way to force anyone in. Give me Misfits in a stunning upset with a big kill score!

G2: Jankos/Caps
MSF: Razork/Kobbe/Febiven

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