This article is going to help you understand LOL a little more. It will not be in depth at all, its just about getting the basics down to help you in DFS. So lets dive in to help you get a little better understanding of how this simple, but complex game is played and how it is scored for DFS purposes.


The map is split up into 3 lanes. Top , Middle , and Bottom Lanes. There is also a jungle that runs in the middle of the map and splits it in half. The Jungle has different objectives the teams can try to complete, but the 2 main ones are Dragon and Baron (you can search the internet for exactly what they do) which give an advantage to the team that kills them.


The purpose of the game is the destroy the other teams Nexus. The Nexus is heavily guarded by towers, and the teams must work their way through the lanes to destroy the towers to advance to the next one, ultimately ending up at the Nexus for the win.


TOP Lane – The Top lane is normally a 1 on 1 type player. Most teams dont normally play towards their top lane, but there are some good ones in eSports.

JNG – A jungler’s job is to “farm” the river, assist with kills, apply pressure on lanes, and set up vision around the Dragon and Baron. They typically dont as much gold as the other Lane players. There are some teams that play through their JNG and MID.

MID Lane – Mid lane is once again typically a 1 v 1 lane. These players normally pick champions with high kill and assist potential. The mid lane is also the lane where the player playing is able to provide help to the other 2 lanes due to him being in the MID of the map. There are some very aggressive MID laners in eSports. Typically like the get the best teams MID lanes in DFS.

ADC – The ADC (Attack Damage Carry) usually does the most damage on his team, they are like the Stud of the team. ADCs usually get a lot of gold, assists and kills. Lots of teams build their game plan around the ADC to allow for him to level up faster and deal a lot of damage in fights.

SUP – Support, well his job is just as it sounds, to provide support for the team, especially the ADC. They do not have huge kill potential, but they have massive assist potential. Typically you see people pair their ADC and SUP in DFS.

DK Scoring

FD Scoring

Above is the stats for the Captain spot
Above is the stats for a regular spot

As you can see the highest scoring categories are kills and assists, therefore those are typically the players you are wanting to target in DFS. Stacking is very much apart of LOL DFS, because when 1 guy gets a kill, chances are 1 or 2 guys assisted the kill with him. Pairing guys that work together are normally a good place to start. JNG/MID or ACD/SUP are your typically pairing in DFS LOL.

Roster Construction

Roster construction typically leads to stacking the 2 teams you think will win. You are looking for the most points possible and most the time when teams win, they rack up kills and assists. Typically roster construction looks like 4-3 or 3-3-1 (teams included in stack). So the team you are most confident in on winning, you wanna try to get as many of them as possible. If you are stacking the highest price teams, you may have to use only 3 and put one in the captain spot. Play around with your builds, don’t settle on the first you come across.

Captain spot: This all depends on the slate and pricing. I typically look at KP% and try to find the spot with the best 2 KP%s on the 2 teams i am stack and put one of them in the Captain spot. Normally it takes a little playing around with builds before you land on one you like. Most slates (not all) you don’t wanna use SUP or Team in your captain spot, as they normally score the least amount of points.

There is a lot more to League of Legends, but this article was meant to be a quick overview to give you the positions that are on the map and the objective of the game, if you want to go more in depth on the game, I will be available in our chat room to talk more with you!

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