LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 6/19

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eStar vs LNG Esports

This will get old as the season goes on, but i still think eStar were a one hit wonder last year. Yes they have been a little better than i expected to start off, but i dont think they are anywhere as good as they were last year. They are a very sloppy team that lights to fight, and that can lead to upsets. Wink and FenFen have been great so far and it looks like they still want to dive BOT and get both MID and ADC ahead. LNG has been a lot better so far this year. chenlun has been great in the TOP lane and i think he has the advantage here tomorrow. Light has been great in BOT and i think he can match Wink step for step tomorrow. This LNG team is playing a unit and not shying away from the team fights, which they are winning at a good rate. Give me LNG in the upset 2-1, but i think eStar will be chalkier in cash.

ES: Wink / FenFen / Wei
LNG: Light / chenlun17 / Maple

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LPL Standings

eStar vs LNG Esports

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