LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 6/20

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Dominus Esports vs OMG

A Battle between the bottom feeders of the LPL. OMG showed fight last time out vs TOP and they will be looking to continue that momentum here tomorrow. OMG has been playing through the bot lane more this split with smlz and cold and letting H4cker dive BOT lane. DMO is the worst team in the LPL, and tonight they are starting 2 new players. xubin has been playing in the LDL (developmental league) and should add a little flare to this team. They benched Natural for this, which is good as he has been costing them a lot thus far. I like OMG to win this, and honestly this could be a bloody, sloppy match or a very slow and boring match.

DMO: xubin (GPP)
OMG: smlz / icon / H4cker

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LPL Standings

Dominus Esports vs OMG

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JSU: yvc…

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