LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 6/21

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Suning Gaming vs Rogue Warriors

Rogue Warriors is hard to play because they can never decide on the starting lineup. It changes from game to game. They are pretty much unplayable tomorrow, minus maybe a 1 off of ZWuJi. Ruby is garbage and Youdang has been bad and i would not be surprised if we saw Haro tonight if they drop game 1. SN on the other hand is lead by huanfeng in ADC and Angel should use and abuse Ruby in the MID lane. SofM should be able to do whatever he wants to do in the jungle. This is set up to be a beat down by SN tomorrow. I like 2-0 in this one.

SN: The Whole Team

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LPL Standings

Suning Gaming vs Rogue Warriors

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ID: Ymj Ozgdw Kvrd

Invictus Gaming vs EDward Gaming

YW “cffbj” id mp kxztbgbgz kyvzi punzcvbafuvc pybw. X mncff rcbh igjhi HvsGvm sfv Pkpi va lzw kfg gtj koh iru znks, qji jxuo wpkt xtigm…

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