LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 6/24

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OMG vs LNG Esports

LNG Come in as the favorites here. They do have 2 wins on the year and they did beat RNG and FPX, but i think that was more their opponent didnt respect them. I still think LNG isn't a very good team and eStar dominated them last time out. They have been a bit better this year, but they have the 3rd longest game time in the LPL this season. OMG have changed their play style from slow to faster. They are trying to get ahead early and it has shown with icon and smlz being a lot better this year. They dominated DMO in game 2 last time out and i think we should see a bit more of that here. I like OMG to pull off the minor upset 2-1.

OMG: smlz / icon / H4cker
LGD: Maple / Light

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LPL Standings

OMG vs LNG Esports

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