LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 6/25

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Royal Never Give Up vs Victory 5

This should be a good one to watch. RNG have looked good, and they seem to have figured out their drafts for this split. Xiaohu has been great, which is why we havent seen Cryin yet for RNG. XLB has been diving bot lane with Betty, which helps get him ahead as well. The 2 main targets here are Xiaohu and Betty as they are the highest damage dealers. V5 have been great to start this split. Their new roster looks good, but they are very sloppy. They like to fight and they will 100% play towards the draft they get. I like V5 as a GPP play tonight but in the end i think RNG are to much to handle for this younger team.

RNG: Betty / Xiaohu / XLB
V5: Samd / ppgod / Mole

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LPL Standings

Royal Never Give Up vs Victory 5

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