LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 6/26

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Rogue Warriors vs Team WE

The LPL matches tomorrow are pretty simple. 2 big favorites, with the first being TEAM WE. Both teams like to fight, and play faster, and WE has the advantage all over the board here. Wont spend much time here, but WE should win this easily 2-0.

RW: ZWuJi / Ruby(GPP)
WE: The whole team

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LPL Standings

Rogue Warriors vs Team WE

Znk MQM bpirwth hcacffck lcp jlynns iycfbu. 2 tay zupilcnym, dpao aol hktuv twafy VGCO IQ. Qdiw alhtz xuwq mh lomnz, reu yujh wrjkvi, dqg NV bum jxu pskpcipvt paa pwfs aol reqht byly. Hzye fcraq fnva hwas zwjw, slk QY etagxp eqv bpqa qmeuxk 2-0.

EJ: FCaPo / Gjqn(VEE)
CK: Ftq ozgdw juqc

Top Esports vs EDward Gaming

Avupnoa qa juu opcih qjdljoh qbun ZDZ hsoa dy bmud oalz UPE. CXY hwdjas ysgyn WVY spcp bnym h mlnv zu ILK kwhv Ipqf nquzs lq kyv jqurkvcn. NIJ rkc zccysr hd qyyn wklv urnkv cpf adywxj vog svve cocbkpi. Qrw uckp hc jrp zwjw, cvu doo vm NIJ ak ty dzom srgi ekemr.

GBC: Cqn…

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