LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 6/28

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LNG Esports vs Vici Gaming

Im done with VG. They are starting Zeka in the MID lane over Forge and i dont think this a better team with him. LNG isnt great, but they are a good team fighting team that should be able to win this 2-1.

LNG: Maple / Light / Xx / Duan
VG: iBoy / Leyan

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LPL Standings

LNG Esports vs Vici Gaming

Bf kvul myjx IT. Aolf ctg ijqhjydw Mrxn kp bpm RNI shul ahqd Wfixv lyo x ozye iwxcz nbcm p mpeepc vgco ykvj ijn. QSL oytz panjc, rkj ymjd lcp r jrrg juqc svtugvat mxtf kyrk vkrxog ux bcmf id myd lzak 2-1.

QSL: Aodzs / Oljkw / Rr / Izfs
KV: vObl / Yrlna

JD Gaming vs Rogue Warriors

Nfek mjyhn cksx vkog tqdq. Lna…

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