LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 7/1

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Finally the LCK is back! This gives us 4 game slates on DK and FD instead of 2. These are best of 3, and remember LCK DOES NOT release starters before hand. 


LPL Standings


DMO got their first win of the split recently in an impressive 2-0 victory over EDG. DMO continues to have many moving pieces within their lineup as they’ll be starting Yui at support for the first time this split over Mitsuki. Yui has experience playing for BLG and the Dominus youth team. He has experience playing with Xubin so they should have synergy right away. However, IG is a big favorite here and shouldn’t have any issue at all dispatching of DMO 2-0. IG will also be starting Reheal at support today over SouthWind. Reheal has been on the roster for awhile and I think IG wants to see what they have in him as SouthWind is clearly having a mediocre split so far. Rookie and Puff should both feast in this matchup. There has been some talk of TheShy possibly playing some more games on Volibear which could unlock his previous upside as a carry top laner since that champions kit is a little broken right now.

DMO: Chilezi/Xiaopeng
iG: TheShy/Rookie/Puff

Suning vs LGD

There is a very good chance that the winner of this game ends up on the optimal lineup for tonight. I think if you’re running two favorites tonight you should strongly consider running Peanut at captain. He has a kill participation of over 77% and is a big reason why LGD has gotten off to such a hot start this split. Kramer and Mark are great options as well if you’re backing LGD to win. If you’re going with Suning tonight you want to start your stacks with Huanfeng. If you don’t know by now, Huanfeng is a stud carry that racks up fantasy points with his 75% kill participation. Angel , Bin, and SwordArt are all in play for a 4 man SN stack as I think Peanut holds the advantage over SOfM tonight. This one is close to a true coin flip but Suning has had some consistency issues so I will side with LGD tonight in a 2-1 win.

SN: bin/SofM/Huanfeng
LGD: Peanut/Xiye/Kramer

LCK Standings


This is another series that is basically a coin flip. I am a big fan of DWG for DFS purposes nearly every slate and tonight is no different. You can use them as a secondary stack pretty confidently tonight as I think they take this series 2-1. The Showmaker-Faker matchup should be intriguing and will likely determine who wins this series. This series is a good target for cash games but I have slight concerns about using these teams in large field tournaments due to the fact that both have a tendency to focus on the macro side of things in the early game and are both extremely disciplined. Neither team is prone to mistakes and because of that, the kills may not have the upside that some of the other games on this slate have. If you’re using T1, I’d avoid the jungler position altogether as Ellim/Cuzz are a huge sub risk. Give me DWG 2-1 tonight.

T1: Faker/Teddy
DWG: Canyon/ShowMaker/Beryl

Gen.G vs Sandbox Gaming

Gen.G is going to obliterate Sandbox tonight in what should be an easy 2-0. I’m extremely high on BDD and Ruler tonight and like them as a 2 man stack in a 4-2-1 main build.

Gen.G: Ruler/BDD/Clid/Rascal

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