LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 7/16

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Finally the LCK is back! This gives us 4 game slates on DK and FD instead of 2. These are best of 3, and remember LCK DOES NOT release starters before hand. 


LPL Standings

LNG vs Invictus Gaming

Here we go again. At the end of every IG slate I find myself swearing them off for good due to an underwhelming performance. But then the next IG slate comes up and they have an incredible matchup that sucks me back in. IG has a big advantage in Baron control and first tower rate while LNG has a small advantage in First blood rate. Outside of the first blood rate, there isn’t a lot that LNG does well right now and the good teams have been punishing their mistakes. As we all know by now there are two versions of IG, one that looks like an upper tier LPL squad and one that makes you want to throw your laptop. If I had to guess I’d say tonight we see the better version of IG because of how well they match up with LNG. There is a fairly good chance IG ends up the highest scoring stack tonight and they’re an obvious chalk cash team but in GPPs I think it makes too much sense to be underweight just in case TheShy feels like pulling a Leroy Jenkins tonight thus ruining IG’s synergy and gameflow. You can also run IG as a secondary 2 or 3 man stack tonight to protect yourself from a letdown from them as well.

LNG: Maple, Light

IG: TheShy, Ning, Rookie, Puff

Royal Never Give Up vs Suning

Suning and RNG are two teams that really don’t die very much as RNG has 230 deaths in 22 games played while SN has 282 deaths in 25 games played. For comparison bottom feeders like DMO have 397 deaths in 24 games played and upper tier teams like JDG have 260 deaths in 25 games played. The fact that both teams play a slower paced style makes this one less appealing from a fantasy standpoint. On top of that, it’s a coin flip situation like we had with OMG/ES last night and that’s just too much risk for our main/cash lineups. I do lean Suning to win this series 2-1 but I’m fearful that it ends up being a bunch of 13-5 type of kill scores with a higher focus on Macro/objectives. This does make both teams viable as a one off for the team spot though. Gala has an absurd 88.60% kill participation since taking over for Betty in the bot lane and could potentially give our boy Huanfeng some trouble thus making him an interesting gpp play.

RNG: Gala, Ming
SN: SOfM, Angel, Huanfeng

LCK Standings

KT Rolster vs T1

I’m a big fan of T1 tonight especially since people are sour on them after they laid a dud the other night against Dynamics. KT is a complete mess right now and this is a clear fade spot for me since I highlly doubt T1 will drop consecutive series. KT is also likely to shuffle their lineup around again as Tusin is now healthy supposedly. Smeb played admirably in the support role recently but is probably better suited in the top lane tonight against such a tough opponent. Teddy is one of my top plays tonight and a must for me in cash lineups. That can be as a one off or part of a secondary stack with Faker and Canna. The T1 team spot is also extremely attractive tonight as they hold an advantage in First tower rate, Baron control, and Drake control. I expect the team spot to score in the 60’s tonight which is typically enough to be apart of the optimal lineup.

KT: Fade
T1: Canna, Faker, Teddy, Team Spot

Sandbox Gaming vs SeolHaeOne Prince

Sandbox Gaming as a -315 favorite is not something you expect to see very often but here we are. For the first time in a long while we are going to see Sandbox as major chalk. The matchup against SP is one of the best in the LCK as they have a whopping 289 deaths in just 18 games played. Every member of SB is in play tonight and should be your 4 man stack in cash. SB has won 3 series in a row and I see this being another 2-0 series in their favor. SBs lineup has great kill participation as all expected starters are in the upper 60’s/low 70’s. If you’re running multiple lineups it makes sense to run a leverage fade of SB but for our main lineups we should just eat the chalk and move on.

SB: Everyone

SP: Ikksu, Mickey

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