LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 7/19

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Finally the LCK is back! This gives us 4 game slates on DK and FD instead of 2. These are best of 3, and remember LCK DOES NOT release starters before hand. 


LPL Standings

Vici Gaming vs Top ESports

Well it finally happened. TES dropped a series after getting outplayed 2-1 by worlds contender V5! I gotta take a victory lap here for a second and say I was one of the first people driving the V5 to worlds bus and I’m absolutely thrilled to see how well they’re playing. But I digress, TES should be angry about dropping that series and take it out on a Vici Gaming roster that is overmatched. TES is obviously a solid cash game target but I’m not sure that they’ll end up on the gpp optimal lineup as a full stack. I’m thinking of taking the Knight one off approach and going elsewhere for cheaper. VG is going back to Aix in the jungle over Leyan but It’s not much of a concern to me, this should end in a 2-0 TES victory.

TES: Everyone(Major focus on Knight as usual)
VG: Fade

JDG vs FunPlus Phoenix

It sure does seem like we are witnessing the end of several dynasties this split doesn’t it? T1, G2, and FPX have struggled out of the gate on the current meta and they’re all running out of time to get it turned out. T1 lost this morning, G2 got waxed earlier today and now it’s FPXs turn against my guy Kanavi and JDG. Earlier in the split, JDG started slow and people said this meta didn’t suit them but I was very vocal about how they only needed time to get things figured out and now they’re in the mix for a top 2-3 seed as expected. I don’t have a lot of confidence in FPX right now and I think JDG adds to their misery by winning 2-0. The prices on JDG are relatively cheap as well so it’s very easy to fit a 3-4 man stack with Kanavi as the typical centerpiece. Tian looks lost in this meta and this feels like a slate breaking Kanavi carry slate. I’d also look heavily at Zoom, Loken and LvMao to complete your stacks. I am hesitant on Yagao as I think DoinB has one of the few lane advantages in this series. If you’re ruing multiple lineups this is a great chance to get DoinB and Lwx at low ownership just in case they pull the upset.

JDG: Zoom, Kanavi, LokeN, LvMao
FPX: DoinB, Lwx(GPP mini stack)

LCK Standings


SP vs HLE is tonight’s coin flip series and features two extremely bad teams. However, SP’s only win this season game during week 1 in a 2-1 series. You know the story on HLE, they are constantly changing their lineup outside of Viper and they die a ton. HLE continues to try and build around Viper and keep him fed but they just get bullied so hard in every lane it’s impossible for them to even make it to late game without being too far behind in gold. I’m going to stop short of being all in on SP for my main lineup tonight because of the volatility but I am going to have heavy exposure to Ikssu and Mickey as both have huge lane advantages. They’ve been the lone bright spots on a roster that’s still trying to find an identity. Viper is better than Hybrid so if HLE can somehow keep this close and allow him to scale up he could potentially put up a huge number of fantasy points, but that’s a big IF considering how bad his teammates are. I’ll take SP 2-1 tonight and think both teams likely scoring decently win or lose.

SP: Ikksu, Mickey, Hybrid
HLE: Viper, Lehends

DragonX vs Team Dynamics

DRX has gotten back on track after their hiccup against KT with recent wins over Damwon and HLE. They will likely 2-0 TD again tonight but as always I don’t see them scoring enough fantasy points to be in the optimal. Team Dynamics plays a methodical pace and is able to mitigate their deaths in the early game which makes it very difficult for their opponents to rack up kills until very late into the game. I certainly don’t mind having exposure to DRX tonight but I won’t be forcing them in over teams like TES and JDG.

DRX: Pyosik, Chovy, Keria
DYN: Rich, Kuzan

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