LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 7/23

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We have a 4 game slate tonight with 2 LPL games and 2 LCK games. Tread carefully on the second LCK game as starters aren’t released for that game.


LPL Standings

DMO vs Top ESports

Tonight’s slate is full of squash matches and the only way to be able to get unique is to run 3-2-2 type of builds in my opinion which isn’t a bad thing as it gives you pieces of all the favorites depening who you captain. DMO is an obvious fade as they have limited upside and TES is likely looking to make a statement win tonight ina clean 2-0 sweep. The bot lane of TES is the play here and if you’re playing cash, Knight is a must play as usual. I’m expecting DMO to lose most team fights so if TES engages often we could be looking at the type of kills game that dreams are made of in the DFS world.

DMO: Fade
TES: Everyone(Knight & JKL the focus)


The panic over JDG’s slow start to the split has long since subsided as they find themselves at 9-2 with a matchup against a hapless LNG squad. Kanavi and Loken are playing lights out right now and I’ll be looking to get both into my main lineup today. 2-0 sweep over LNG seems inevitable. JDG holds an edge in baron/drake control while LNG has the advantage on herald rate(small victories). I love using Zoom and Kanavi today as they’ll be able to set the tone early via repeated ganks and dives. Another very safe spot to build around on this squash slate.

LNG: Fade
JDG: Zoom, Kanavi, LokeN, LvMao

LCK Standings

Dragon X vs KT Rolster

KT is coming off an impressive 2-0 stomp of Sandbox Gaming and beat this same DRX team just a few weeks ago 2-1. I can guarantee that DRX has that loss on their mind and will remind the world why they are a threat to make a run at worlds. This is a safe game to target due to the expected amount of kills. KT had 39 totals kills in their 2 wins in the last series with DRX. Keria is the best support on the slate and comes in with a whopping 222 assists to go along with a 73.50% KP rate. Tusin is a skilled vet but he is going to get outplayed tonight. DRX stack is the move in cash with a priority on Keria, Chovy, Pyosik, and Deft. DRX styles on KT tonight enroute to a 2-0 sweep.

DRX: Everyone

KT: Aiming, Tusin

Team Dynamics vs Gen G

As we mentioned last slate, Team Dynamics has effectively been solved since they got off to a hot start and wil likely lose this series to Gen.G in a 2-0 sweep. One thing TD does well is mitigate their early game deaths by not engaging in team fights until absolutely necessary in the mid to late game. This caps GenG stacks for me a bit in tournaments but they’re still great cash plays overall. BDD and Ruler make a great 2 man stack if you’re looking to get a slight discount to the TES bot lane. As usual, the support situation for GenG can get dicey with Life and Kellin switching off at times. It seems they have settled into playing Life more but you never truly know what the GenG coaches with do with that position. If you’re looking for a low owned gpp play, Rich is an intriguing play that is one of the few TD plays that holds an advantage in lane. Clid and BDD will have to wander top side often early game to keep Rich from bullying Rascal which does open a small path to victory for TD. That’s getting cute though and let’s face it, GenG is another heavy favorite thats going to smoke. 2-1 GenG victory and a couple of 100 spots for BDD and Ruler are on the menu.

DYN: Rich(GPP one off)
GEN: Clid, BDD, Ruler

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