LPL/LCK Summer Split 7-24

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Back for another 4 game LPL/LCK slate. Lets dig in!

Vegas Odds

Team Odds Team Odds
Victory Five -190 Suning Gaming +140
Royal Never Give Up -105 LGD Gaming -130
Sandbox Gaming +550 Damwon Gaming -1000
Afreeca Freecs -600 SeolHaeOne Prince +375


Standings courtesy of Liquipedia

Team Stats

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Sandbox vs Damwon Gaming

DWG is coming into this series -1000 and no matter how good of a coach YamatoCannon is for SB, they’re going to get shredded. I am all in on every member of DWG tonight outside of Ghost. The priority stack is Showmaker, Nuguri, Canyon, and BeryL. In order to fit more faves tonight I think it’s viable in cash to run either Nuguri or BeryL at captain. They’re going to put up some big numbers tonight. Don’t get cute by fading.

Consider: DWG(Everyone)

Prediction: DWG in a 2-0 curb stomp.

Afreeca Freecs vs SP

Afreeca has been pretty terrible against upper tier teams while smashing on the lower end teams. SP qualifies as a lower end team and will likely be 2-0ed here tonight. I’m not really interested in full stacking AF though as I’d much rather run Mystic or Kiin as a one off. Mystic is the main carry for this team and has an impressive 1.98 KDR, a 76.30% KP rate and 91 kills. I have zero interest in this SP team as they have seemingly quit on the split and offer no real threat to win this series.

Consider: Mystic/Kiin/Fly

Prediction: AF in a 2-0 thumping.

Victory Five vs Suning Gaming

This should be an entertaining series to watch but one that screams low kill upside. This is one of the few times I’d be ok one offing a support as PPGod has been that good with 257 assists and a 74% KP rate. WeiWei is the premiere V5 play with a team high 75.60% KP rate, a 2.57 KDR and 90 kills to only 35 deaths. He will be the key to winning this series for V5 and I’ll be working him into my main lineup tonight as I see him dropping 100+ in a victory. Suning is a pretty balanced team with a decent floor but limited upside overall. I don’t mind Huanfeng here as I think he could actually negate whatever SamD tries to do in the bot lane. Overall, this is a game to only target for a one off or 2 man stack.

Consider: V5 – WeiWei/PPGod, SN – Huanfeng

Prediction: V-5 in a hard fought 2-1 series.

RNG vs LGD Gaming

LGD comes in as a slight favorite but are priced extremely cheap tonight and will likely be highly owned across the board. Peanut, Xiye, and Kramer are the main plays from LGD to target tonight as all 3 carry at different points of the game. RNG is going back to Betty after a few series with GALA who actually looked decent on his own but had trouble getting any chemistry with the rest of the team. With Betty back RNG atleast has a chance due to his excellent synergy in the bot lane with Ming and ability to negate the opposing teams ADC. This is another series that I think will go 3 games but has slightly better kill upside than the V5 series. LGD is one of the better teams in the LPL in the early game and know how to play to their win condition. That means most of the team fights they’ll take will be in the mid to late game so whoever scales the best will come out on top.

Consider: LGD – Peanut/Xiye/Kramer, RNG – XLB, Betty, Ming

Prediction: LGD 2-1 in a down to the wire series.


  • K- Kills
  • A- Assists
  • D- Deaths
  • KDR- Kill:Death Ratio
  • KP%- Kill Participation


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