LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 7/3

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Finally the LCK is back! This gives us 4 game slates on DK and FD instead of 2. These are best of 3, and remember LCK DOES NOT release starters before hand. 


LPL Standings


I’ve been saying for weeks now that LNG is an atrocious team and that was proven big time a few days ago when BLG handled them. Now they get to face the #1 team in The LPL in TES. This will not be pretty for LNG and even in my MME builds I will have absolute zero shares of any of them. Load up on TES in cash and enjoy the easy 2-0 stomp.

TES: Everyone

LNG: Fade

Vici Gaming vs Estar

VG continues to roll Zeka in the mid lane and thus far I’m simply not impressed. ES has been one of the most tilting teams in LOL DFS but I’m going to trust them here one more time/ They have an advantage in all major objectives over VG including dragon control, gold at 15 minutes and baron control.I’ll take ES in a 2-1 win with a likely shot at 2-0.

VG: Cube/Leyan/iBoy
ES: Wei/fenfen/Wink

LCK Standings

KT Rolster VS SPrince

SP is a small dog tonight and this is a game that I feeling is going to give them an excellent shot to pull the upset. SP games have been extremely bloody so far this split which makes a game stack an intriguing gpp option. Both teams have below average macro games so I expect this one to be sloppy with lots of mistakes. The winner of this game will be the one that capitalizes late game on these mistakes. Give me SP in an upset 2-1.

KT: Aiming/Tusin/Smeb
SP: Ikksu/Flawless/Mickey/Hybrid

Gen.G vs T1

I’m goig to start this game blurb by saying don’t play the support for Gen.G in cash games. No matter how many times I say this, I still see people using Life or Kellin and it’s burning them. They’re extreme sub risks and it’s best to just avoid altogether. I love Gen.G tonight and one of the main reasons why is they’re one of the best teams in the lck in the early game. This is an area that T1 has struggled with and their habitual slow starts have cost them lately. If T1 doesn’t get off to a good start than it’s going to be yet another missed opportunity for them in a meta that they simply haven’t looked great in yet. Another sub risk is on the T1 side where Cuzz/Ellim have been in and out of the lineup. This is not a situation I’m going to be looking at tonight. I think Ruler and BDD’s synergy is going to be too muc for the legendary T1 to handle tonight and I’ll lean Gen.G 2-1.

Gen.G: Ruler/BDD/Clid/Rascal
T1: Teddy/Faker

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