LPL/LCK – Summer Split – 7/8

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Finally the LCK is back! This gives us 4 game slates on DK and FD instead of 2. These are best of 3, and remember LCK DOES NOT release starters before hand. 


LPL Standings

LNG vs Victory 5

Who would have thought V5 would be sitting in 2nd place 8 matches into the summer split, but here we are. They are top 3 in almost every major category for LOL and have been playing great lately. They are a very BOT focused team that likes to play through Samd and ppgod, but that doesnt mean the rest of the team isnt in play. I like what BiuBiu and WeiWei are doing in the top side of the map and Mole is the loan hold over from last split. This should be a smash spot for V5 tomorrow and LNG are dying a lot lately. Give me V5 in a 2-0 high kill sweep.

LNG: Light / Maple

V5: Samd / ppgod / Mole


This is such an interesting match up. First we have Meteor back for BLG, and he was massive in their win last time out. BLG is trying to play a little bit faster, but their game style is to scale to the mid to late game and win it there. IG on the other hand has had a change of heart in play style. They are moving more towards the mid to late game champs and honestly havent looked great thus far doing it. Reheal is back starting tonight, i wouldnt touch him because last time he started, IG played all 3 sups in the series. I think IG has the overall better team and players, but something has me on a BLG upset tonight with Meteor back. Give me BLG in the upset 2-1, and know this is not a safe cash game play.

BLG: Meteor / FoFo / Wings
IG: Rookie / Puff

LCK Standings

DRX vs KT Rolster

KT has been bad starting off the summer. They are a very good early game team, but when it comes to mid to late game, they are terrible, which is strange since this is a very veteran team. DRX on the other hand, is probably the best mid to late game team in the LCK. They are on another level than KT right now, and i think the roll here with ease. While i think this will be a 2-0 spot for DRX, im worried kills on be up, as KT is one of the lower death teams in the LCK.

DRX: Chovy / Pyosik / Deft
KT: Aiming / bonO


Im most excited for this match between to bottom tier teams because it has to potential to be a very bloody series. Lets start with HLE, they are great in the early game but TERRIBLE in the mid to late game. They are good at objectives but the problem is they arent good at team fighting. They rely all on Viper to win the team fights for them. IF they can figure this out tonight, i think they beat SB , but im having a hard time believing they will figure this out tonight. SB on the other hand, has their coach back in full force, and they beat the up and coming Team Dynamics last time out. They looked like they actually knew what they were somewhat trying to do against them. I think this one will be a lot closer and bloodier than most people thing. I do like SB to win but i will have both side of this in GPPs.

SB: Route / OnFleek / FATE

HLE: Viper / Lava / Lehends

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