LPL – Summer Split – 6/16

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LGD Gaming vs Dominus Esports

Wow what a crazy weekend in the LPL. This match features 1 of the 2 remaining undefeated teams left. So after watching a few weeks of LPL, there isnt really any team that is standing out above the rest. LGD has gotten better, that is a fact. Kramer and Mark have been great together in the BOT lane to start the year. LangX is looking like his old self in the TOP lane and this team looks good. The one weakness they have is Peanut in the JNG. He has been playing more carry style champs and he hasnt look great in doing it. To me, if DMO is going to win, that is where they are going to win. The JNG and TOP / MID lanes. I truly think Xiaopeng has the advantage tonight in the JNG, and if DMO can force LGD to make errors around objectives, especially Baron, then i can see them getting 1 game and possibly their first series win of the season. Now im not saying all of this for everyone to jump on the DMO bandwagon, but i can 100% see this going to 3 and can see DMO winning and i can also see LDG laying the smack down on DMO and winning big in a 2-0 victory.

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LGD Gaming vs Dominus Esports

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