LPL – Summer Split – 6/30

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LNG Esports vs Bilibili Gaming

This is a match up between 2 bottom tier teams. LNG has looked good in the summer split, but nothing to write home about. They are lead by Light and Maple as their carries, and they are subbing in Iwandy tonight over Duan (i dont get it). BLG is FINALLY starting Meteor in the JNG. This changes things for me on this team, as he is one of their best players, if not their best. Thing i worry about here is chemistry with their current roster. We dont know if they have had a lot of practice time with each other, but Meteor makes them a better team already. I think this will be close, but i think BLG do take this 2-1 over LNG.


LPL Standings

LNG Esports vs Bilibili Gaming

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