LPL – Summer Split – 6/5

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Victory Five vs Dominus Esports

So the first match of the day pits the worst every LPL team vs another bad LPL team. V5 didnt win a single series last year, and even had 15 0-2 losses. That horribel, hence the roster change. Biubiu and weiwei both come over from SNG, which should make their top lane a bit stronger than last year. Mole was good last year but had to do everything for this team, so now that he can focus on the mid lane, he might be okay there. The bot lane is a bit of an unknown for V5 starting out. Samd and ppgod will be the 2 factors on if V5 can win this. I think that DMO are favored by to much here, but can also see them winning 2-0 as well. On the DMO side of things, Twila is starting in MID, but im using his last year's name (Xiaowei) to pull stats. Natural is a solid top laner and has the slight advantage tomorrow over biubiu. This match really comes down to the bot lanes. Helper and Mitsuki are very familiar with each other, as they played together in the DMO developmental league. This match will be a lot closer than the odds suggest and i also think it could end up being bloody as well.

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Victory Five vs Dominus Esports

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