LPL – Summer Split – 6/8

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OMG vs Victory 5

Victory 5 is already better than last split! They looked better, but to me it just shows how bad DMO really is. V5 will be better here and if they want to win this , they need to clean up the late game as OMG will try to get this to the late game. Samd and ppgod both looked good in their debut and will need another good performance if they are going to win this one. OMG is going back to Curse (who looked better last game in as a sub). I think OMG takes this to the late game and wait for V5 to make that mistake they made vs DMO (which they couldnt capitalize on it) This should be a close match either way but give me OMG 2-1.

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OMG vs Victory 5

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