LPL – Summer Split – 7/13

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LPL Standings

Top E-Sports vs V5

The V5 to worlds campaign continues with the next opponent being TES. This is going to be a good litmus test for V5 to see just how good they actually are. SamD has been on an absolutely torrid pace with 94 kills and a 75.70% kill participation. The synergy of the SamD/PPGod bot line has carried V5 to a 7-2 start and I actually think they can give TES a series as they’ve been playing a lot of mistake free League of Legends. WeiWei in the jungle has a sneaky advantage over Karsa and if he can find some early game dives, it could dictate the way the series is played. Of course, controlling the pace of play hasn’t been an easy task when facing TES this split. They’re a blistering 8-0 and have only dropped 2 games during that stretch. As we know by now, Knight is the best mid laner in the world. 109 kills at this stage is just nutty and he sports a 78.90% kill participation. JKL and Yuyanjia have been taking care of business in the bot lane while 369 has shown he can hard cary portions of the game when needed. This should be a TES victory, but I think it goes 3 games in a very interesting chess match.

TES: Everyone
V5: SamD/PPGod

Suning vs BLG

Everytime BLG is on the slate all you’re gonna hear from me is Meteor, Meteor, Meteor. He has completely turned the season around for BLG as they still have an outside shot to make the playoffs. The coaches almost waited too long to get him back into the starting lineup after there was apparently beef between him and one of the other players. Meteors stats in the 3 series he has played in this split are nothing short of amazing. 35 kills, 65 assists and a 76.30% kill participation. WHAT?!?!?! This is a top 3 jungler in the LPL and people continue to sleep on him. He excels at finding dives in any lane and keeping his carries fed when scaling. He has instantly made FoFo and Wings formidable carries as well. Don’t get me wrong here, I am a HUGE fan of Suning but they just haven’t been as fantasy friendly this split. Last split, they were a worse real life team but excellent DFS team because Huanfeng would drop 90 fps in losses. But now they’re a more balanced team and Huanfeng’s numbers are down across the board. This series is definitely going to be 2-1, but it’s a pretty big coin flip for which side ends up taking the 2 games. Suning is projecting to be the higher owned squad right now, so getting BLG as low owned leverage is a really strong play on this slate. If you’re not a fan of BLG, atleast consider using Meteor as a one off since he is capable of still scoring 60+ in a loss.I will be all in on him tonight in every lineup.

SN: SOfM, Angel, Huanfeng, SwordArt

BLG: Meteor, FoFo, Wings, Xinmo

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