LPL – Summer Split – 7/14

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LPL Standings

Team WE vs LNG E-Sports

Last night, world champion contender V5 knocked off TES 2-1 in a series they quite frankly dominated. TES was a pretty big favorite and huge chalk. Tonight, we have another big favorite at heavy projected ownership. This situation is a little different though as LNG is nowhere near the level of V5. WE is a fine play tonight but I think our edge is allowing others to run a 4 man WE stack while we get more exposure to the RW game which should be much bloodier. For me, I’ll be focusing on a 2-3 man WE stack for my main lineup and sourcing most of my exposure elsewhere. WE has a big advantage in pretty much all lanes but Xx and Light both make interesting tournament options with their high kill participation. I’ll take WE 2-1 here in a series that will pale in comparison to LGD-RW for fantasy points.

WE: Everyone
LNG: Xx/Light

LGD Gaming vs Rogue Warriors

By now we know that RW series are fantasy gold and yet they continue to go underowned every slate. At this rate, I think the optimal build right now is either a 4-2-1 or 3-2-2 even on full slates. #1 It makes you more unique and #2 they’ve been outscoring the traditional 4-3 builds the last few weeks. This is especially true for RW slates due to most series going 3 games and yielding high kills in each. I could see a 3 LGD/2 RW/2 WE build take down everything tonight. If you think RW can steal this series, then I’d consider running 3 RW players. Zwuji, Haro, and Wuming have great synergy despite losing a lot of series and I think all 3 have a floor of 70 tonight even in a loss. Holder is the weak link for this team and will likely be left off my RW stacks. I do like what I saw from Ley last series and think he could outperform Mark today. Peanut is a must roster today from the LGD side as an underrated jungler despite having 51 kills, 143 assists and a 75.20% kill participation. Xiye and Kramer both prefer to team fight less and scale more which could potentially put them in an uncomfortable position with RW constantly pushing lanes even when there is no objective involved. I have this series going 3 games and will lean LGD to win but it would not surprise me at all if RW was able to pull off an upset with their suffocating style of play.

LGD: LangX, Peanut, Xiye, Kramer

RW: Haro, Wuming, Zwuji, Ley

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