LPL – Summer Split – 7/20

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LPL Standings

Team WE vs LGD Gaming

This is a matchup that really favors LGD today but most of the DFS community is going to be on WE because of their fantasy friendly style of play. LGD is the much better early game team which is a glaring weakness for World Elite. So the blueprint for LGD is to draft for the early game and jump ahead right away while snowballing the lead out of reach for WE. LGD is significantly weaker at the late game which ironically is what World Elite is best at. So it’s a battle of conflicting styles and LGD will be on a timer each game which should make this series very intense. I’m going to lean WE 2-1 simply because I can see LGD making a key mistake during one of the last team fights and being punished for it by the likes of Beishang, Teacherma, and Jiumeng.

WE: Beishang, Teacherma, Jiumeng
LGD: LangX, Peanut, Xiye

Victory Five vs Invictus Gaming

The main event of the night features the enigma known as Invictus Gaming vs summer split surprise Victory Five. This V5 team has been a pleasant surprise and plays a team style of LOL that is very hard to beat simply because they mitigate mistakes and don’t allow teams to exploit them. SamD and PpGod are extremely disciplined and part of the reason they’re so hard to beat is because they don’t get caught out alone making it hard for the opposing team to get crucial picks and dives. You can tell by the KP rates that V5 has great synergy and this is going to be a big test for IG. The best way for IG to win this series is going to be to push the action and end the game as early as possible. The later these games go the more it favors the win condition for PPGod’s Army. So I think we could see some very high kill totals early simply because I expect IG to push fights during the laning phase and try to make V5 uncomfortable. This is how FPX was able to beat them but for some reason no other team has been able to replicate it, not even TES. I still have trust issues with IG and super INT machine TheShy so I am going to predict this as a 2-1 series win for my V5 boys. Any team that can handle TES the way they did is too scary to pick against right now.

V5: Everyone

IG: TheShy, Rookie, Puff

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