LPL – Summer Split – 7/22

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LPL Standings

Rogue Warriors vs EStar

Rogue Warriors are winners of 3 in a row and are starting to look like a dangerous LPL team. They have great synergy with this current lineup and are starting to win key team fights in the late game. On paper, ES holds an advantage in most objectives such as first tower, dragon control and baron control while RW holds the advantage in first blood rate. However, ES has been making lots of late game mistakes that are costing them dearly and are going to get punished by an aggressive team like RW. They will be starting Rat at the ADC spot again today as well as subbing in youth league mid laner Irma over FenFen. The champion pool for Irma in the youth league includes a lot of Sett, Twisted Fate, and Pantheon. After those 3 it’s a lot of a support style champions so It doesn’t seem like he is going to be very aggressive or hard carry games. Debuting in the LPL can be intimidating enough, let alone facing a hyper aggressive mid laner like Wuming. Speaking of Wuming, he has strong stats in RW wins, granted it’s a smaller sample size. In 6 wins, he has a 15.6 KDA, a 22% kill share, 69% KP rate and a 9% death rate. For reference, the best mid laner in the world Knight has a 10.6 KDA(kills death assists ratio). That number will obviously drop as he plays more games, but it’s still impressive and means he will be able to eat against Estars new mid laner. One of my favorite plays tonight is Haro in the jungler spot. He has a ceiling in the stratosphere tomorrow and is fully capable of hard carrying entire games. He is viable to run at captain in a double jungler lineup. You’re going to want to run 4 players from RW and use your team spot on either WE or BLG. I’m expecting major fantasy points in this game as Rogue Warriors games usually come with lots of kills. The line has been moving more toward RW throughout the day and with Estar basically checking out for this split, they should have no problem getting the 2-0 sweep.

RW: Everyone(Prioritize 4 Players, fade team spot)
ES: Fade

Team WE vs Bilibili Gaming

We have another WE slate and I can see this playing out similarly to how the LGD series went just two nights ago. With WE being the DFS darlings of the industry, they’re going to draw high ownership yet again. This is an excellent leverage spot to use BLG as they have a solid path to winning this series with sub 20% expected ownership. Their win condition is similar to LGD’s the other night. As I pointed out in the last article, WE’s early game struggles can betray them and ultimately that’s what cost them the series. With Meteor calling the shots and the blueprint to beating WE laid out by LGD, I’m predicting a 2-1 win for BLG. I’m expecting BLG to ban out Teacherma’s Galio champion in the draft and focus on an early game composition. FoFo, Wings, and XinMo have greatly benefitted from Meteor taking over the jungle position and the synergy is noticeably improved. I’m going to be focusing on a 2 man player stack from BLG while using their team spot. Their path to victory will include focusing on drakes and towers which will allow them to snowball the gold lead making it difficult for WE to win team fights late. Obviously I’ll be using my man Meteor but then it comes down to using either FoFo or Wings. Kingen is still a sub risk if they were to drop game 1, so I’m not going to be using him in cash with ADD waiting on the sidelines. The main decision for me tonight is going to be either double jungler(Haro/Meteor) or double mid (Wuming/FoFo) for cash. Both are viable so it really comes down to what your personal preference is and I’m likely going to run multiple lineups tonight so I can get exposure to both combos.

WE: Morgan, Beishang, Jiumeng, Missing

BLG: Meteor, FoFo, Wings, XinMo

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