LPL – Summer Split – 7/6

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LPL Standings

Team WE vs DMO

Team WE continues to be involved in high kill fantasy friendly fiestas and tonight should be no different. DMO has also looked better lately and I think the game stack is very much in play for a 2 game slate. Xiaopeng vs Beishang should be one of the marquee matchups of the night. I’ll take World Elite in a bloody 2-1 win.

WE: Everyone
DMO: Xiaopeng/Twila/Xubin


JDG is finallly starting to look like the JDG from last split and I think they’re starting to figure out how to play this current meta. Kanavi is just looking incredible with 4 straight games above 84 fantasy points. He makes a graet captain tonight in a double jungler lineup in all formats. Hope returned against RW and didn’t miss a beat enroute to 15-6-18 game. Scout and Hope have the advantage in the mid and bot lanes while Zoom and Kanavi have the advantage up top. This is going to be a 3 game war and I think it’s best to pick a side and ride with them. However, in gpp I think you can get cute and use make a lineup with Zoom/Kanavi/Scout/Hope and hope for each game to be in the 20’s for kills. I’ll take JDG 2-1 here becuase I’m a big believer in them.

JDG: Kanavi/Zoom/Loken

EDG: Scout/Hope

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