LPL – Summer Split – 7/7

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LPL Standings

Vici Gaming vs Rogue Warriors

VG has looked a lot better since Zeka has been inserted into the starting lineup. VG has changed up their style a bit more since Zeka and Leyan have started, they arent shying away from the team fights as much. RW is a very good early game team, that can never finish a team off in the MID to late game. VG hasnt been good in the early game, but they are very good in the MID to late games. This one comes down to what team does well in what portion of the game. I like VG to win this 2-1, even though i see a lot of people around the industry picking RW to win, i just dont see how they can put away a team like VG in the MID to late game.

VG: Zeka / iBoy / Leyan
RW: Haro / ZWuJi

Suning Gaming vs Estar

So once again i will say, i think eStar was a one hit wonder last year with Cryin. Yes, FenFen has stepped in well this year, but he isnt as good as Cryin is. This split eStar has been over committing on plays and are getting caught out and not winning the team fights like they were last year. They have the 3rd most deaths in the LPL this season. SN is a hard team to pick week in and week out. They look good one week and bad the next. But i think they have finally turned a corner with Sofm and Angel in the JNG and MID lanes. If they hold Wink down in the BOT lane then i think they win this. This should be a bloody match up between these 2 teams, and i like SNG to win 2-1.

SNG: Angel / huanfeng / SofM

eStar: Wink / FenFen / Wei

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