Miz Taeks 5/13

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Disclaimer: there are plenty ways to go on a daily basis. I will try to not list the obvious plays, but ways I will try to go to be slightly different. If something stands out to you, then go with it! If you think what I’ve written is stupid or off, that should help you solidify your own takes. If you have any questions, please ask! I love to help! Good Luck!


Brewers: Biggest question is what Nola are we going to get? Are we getting the Nola from last year that mowed down guys seemingly every start? Or the guy that is giving up homers left and right early in the season? I think Nola does get his groove back, but today isn’t that time. All the brewers have a wOBA over .288 on Nola’s 2nd most used pitch, the knuckle curve. All with a ton of hard contact. If Nola isn’t mixing things up appropriately, they will wait on it and round the bases. Lots of risk but big upside. In order: Yelich, Braun, Moustakas, Shaw, Grandal, Aguilar.

DBacks: Nate kingham does not like lefties, oh boy! Giving up a .411 wOBA, .308 ISO (!!!), a dreadful 15% k-rate, 41 FB rate and 36% hard contact. This all reads out as a dream spot. Dyson has been underrated all season and will get on base to get the runs going. Don’t be afraid to use Christian Walker either. He has elite numbers vs righties this year but does strike out. Going up against a guy this bad, I’m not scared. In order: Peralta, Escobar, Walker, Dyson, Flores, Jones

Phillies: Brewers will come out with an opener and then bring in Freddy Peralta. Peralta is getting crushed by lefties and has been up and down in general this season. Odubel Hererra has been great since coming back and let’s not forgot Harper. Freddy throws a lot of fastballs and the Phillies mash them. My favorites are Hererra and Harper, followed by Hoskins, Realmuto and Franco. I’m not opposed to using McCutchen as well.

Honorable Mention:
Astros, Indians

Pitchers to consider:
Boyd (super risky, but high upside)

Dumpster Diving:

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