Miz Taeks 5/14

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Disclaimer: there are plenty ways to go on a daily basis. I will try to not list the obvious plays, but ways I will try to go to be slightly different. If something stands out to you, then go with it! If you think what I’ve written is stupid or off, that should help you solidify your own takes. If you have any questions, please ask! I love to help! Good Luck!

Cardinals: for whatever reason Folty just doesn’t have it so far this year. He’s allowing roughly 40% fly balls and nearly the same in hard contact. He does get strikeouts, but this cardinals team is striking out less and less. Not to mention he’s obsessed with throwing his slider to righties and all the right handed bats have a wOBA of over .320, except Martinez where his is .276. Look for a bunch of runs here. Godly, dejong, Carpenter, Ozuna, Jose Martinez, Molina, Wong

Royals: Shelby Miller shouldn’t even be in the league at this point. While the royals strike out a bunch, Miller isn’t getting swings and misses. He’s giving up over 50% hard contact and has an xFIP of 5.87(!!!) You can play anyone in this lineup and use them any way they fit. I like O’Hern and Dozier the most.

Mets: Jeremy Hellickson is a ground ball pitcher. That being said he gets hit by lefties. Allowing a .332 wOBA and a .211 iso to lefties, all while rocking a 4.60 xFIP. Any success he’s had thus far has been lucky. Not to mention, Pete Alonso is getting it done from both sides of the plate. Look for the Mets to get Thor the run support he needs here tonight. Conforto, Alonso, Cano, McNeil, Davis, Ramos, Nimmo, Frazier

Honorable Mention
Astros (so hot right now)
Red Sox

Pitchers to Consider (in order of interest)
Paddock (high risk/high upside)

Dumpster Divers

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