Miz Taeks 5/20

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Twins: tonight they go up against the opener of Taylor Cole followed by (most likely) Felix Pena. While Pena has the capability of putting up a good outing, the twins are hot and love to flex on pitchers like Pena. Pena is boasting an okay 4.06 xFIP, a 22.4% K-rate, a 43% ground ball rate, and an outside-the-zone swing % of almost 30%. So yeah, hes getting guys to chase. However, the main lefties of Kepler, Polanco, and Rosario don’t strike out that often. Pena is much worse against lefties and is giving up over 30% hard contact. Add on the fact that those three I mentioned have over .200 ISO and over .330 wOBA to righties, they make a great threesome to use tonight. I also love Castro as your catcher on DK. The entire lineup has power for the most part, and Felix can blow up.

Angels: Yep, both sides of this game. Odorizzi has been very good this season so far. That being said, he’s rocking a 5.06 xFIP, a 47.95 fly ball rate, and almost 37% hard contact. Not to mention his fly ball rate is over 50% to lefties. We’ve talked about the lefties here in the past, and this is another good spot for them. I’m sure you’re aware of this by now, but the angels don’t strike out. They have the lowest rate in the league, and that’s to both sides. I would focus on the main Lefties, La Stella, Ohtani, and Calhoun, but you better include Trout as well. I’m never scared of using Goodwin, even if he has a little less power than the others.

Yankees: sadly this will be popular but it’s hard to ignore. The Yankees are going up against Cashner, and I don’t think I need to tell you how bad he is. Can’t get any strikeouts, can’t get anyone to chase, and gives up hard contact. Hicks, Voit, and Sanchez stand out to me the most in this matchup. Using Sanchez will automatically give you a different lineup than others as on Fanduel, people don’t usually use catchers, and on DK, paying up for catcher is contrarian. In case you missed it, they signed Morales, who is doing well since joining. The whole team nearly has over a .300 wOBA. You can use anyone here, so just mix and match to use what fits with your other stacks.


Honorable Mention:

  • Astros, Rangers

Favorite One-Off:

  • Mitch Haniger

Pitchers To Consider:

  • Corbin
  • Soroka
  • Weaver
  • Paddock

Dumpster Diving:

  • I don’t see anyone here I feel comfortable with. If you absolutely have to, you could use Mike Leake and hope he has one of his great ground ball games, but thats really reaching.

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