Miz Taeks – GPP Stacks 5.23

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**This is a Huge slate with the Orioles at Coors. You can use both of them and they will be popular. On to the others..**

Angles: Oh yeah this is going to be awesome. Drew Smyly is pitching today for the Rangers. News flash, he sucks. Boasting a 5.80 (!!!) xFIP, 45% fly ball rate, walking 15.2% of batters, and a dreadful single digit 9% swinging strike rate. Now these numbers pretty much hold true for right handed batters with 50% hard contact, but what really jumps out are his numbers to lefties. You ready? Are you sure? Okay… a .400 ISO and a .0425 wOBA TO LEFTIES!!! Tommy La Stella, COME ON DOWN!! OHTANI COME ON DOWN!!! KOLE CALHOUN COME ON DOWN!!! In all seriousness, this is an insane spot. I love those three but don’t forget Trout and Pujols as well. I absolutely love this stack and will be my highest owned.

Phillies and Brewers: I’m going to bunch these two together as they are playing each other. If you’re betting, you can consider the over in this game as well. Eickhoff and Anderson facing off here but if I’m picking one, it will be the Phillies. Anderson can’t get strikeouts, can’t get people to swing and miss, and is letting up a lot of fly balls with hard contact. My favorites here are the righties as he is giving up aa .223 ISO and a .335 wOBA to righties and that leads me to my favorite play Hoskins. He should homer today in this matchup. Target all the righties here along with Harper. Eickhoff has done well in spots this year, but we know by now that the brewers are capable of going off on anyone, even when Yelich isn’t in the lineup. Eickhoff is much worse against lefties with a .279 ISO and a .395 wOBA. Yelich, Mouse, Grandal, and Thames would be the ones I prefer, but Braun Hiura (kids got power) and Cain (in that order) are more than capable of doing well here tonight.

Honorable Mention:

  • Coors Teams, Twins, Red Sox, Dodgers

Pitchers To Consider:

  • Snell
  • Thor
  • Sale
  • Ray
  • Buehler

Dumpster Diving:

  • Pomeranz
  • Green

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