Miz Taeks – GPP Stacks 5.28

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**This is a Huge slate with Coors. You can use both teams and they will be popular. On to the others..**

Mariners: tonight they go up against Sampson and the Rangers bullpen with an implied 5.11 run total. Samspon boasting a 5.29 xFIP, 45% hard contact, and a terrible 8.7% swinging strike rate. He’s getting destroyed by righties especially. Giving up over a .400 wOba, over .250 ISO, nearly 50% hard contact and over 45% hard contact, this bodes well for Haniger, Edwin, and Santana. Even though those righties are in a good spot, the Lefties on this team are as well. Vogelbach and Navarez have over a .400 wOba and .240+ ISO in this matchup. Seager being back strengthens the lineup as well.

Twins: this should be no surprise at this point. The twins are one of the best offenses in baseball. Zach Davies is also bad to both sides of the plate but I want to focus on the lefties here. Davies is giving up a .341 wOba, while allowing 40% fly balls and not striking anyone out. Rosario, Arrez, Polanco, and Keplar all have over a .330 wOba, and nearly a .200+ ISO. They are all not striking out very often, so this is a great spot for them to get balls in play and run up the score. Don’t forget Marwin if you need him, along with the power of Cron and Sano.

Yankees: (FD only): Yankees are in a great spot at home vs. Eric Lauer. Lauer has a 4.67 xFIP, under a 20% K-rate, a terrible 8.2% swing strike rate, and almost 40% hard contact. Hes limiting power to both sides, but a lot of that is due to pitching in San Diego. Tonight at Yankee stadium, going against all these power righties, and the short porches, this is a very bad spot for Lauer. Basically the entire lineup is in play and can be used to mix and match but my favorites in order are Sanchez, Voit, Torres, Hicks, LeMahieu, Frazier, and Urshela. Yankees should smash here tonight!

Honorable Mention:

  • Coors Teams, Red Sox, Brewers, Dodgers, Braves

Pitchers To Consider:

  • Price
  • Hill
  • Boyd
  • Richards

Dumpster Diving:

  • Bundy
  • Samardzija

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