Miz Taeks – GPP Stacks 5.31

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**This is a Huge slate with Coors. You can use both teams and they will be popular. On to the others..**

Brewers: Holy shit I’m so excited about this stack. We all know how much upside the Brewers have, but this spot is perfect (*ducks*). Chris Archer (who I’ve heckled so hard once at Fenway sitting behind the dugout that he had security come over) isn’t the same guy as we once knew, or hoped he would turn out to be. The good parts, he has a 25% K-rate, along with a 12.9% swinging strike rate. The heat is there, it’s a matter of him putting it all together… which he is struggling to do. Archer is giving up nearly 40% hard contact and more than a .339 wOba to both sides. Where he gives up the power is to lefties. Oh, and these lefties on the brewers mash righties with all greater than a .230 ISO and .340 wOba. Braun and Hiura also are in this club as well. Yelich, Grandal, Moose, Thames, Hiura, Braun, in that order.

Indians: The Indians haven’t been the same Indians as we have been used to the last few years. However, this is a good spot against the dumpster known as Dylan Covey. I’m not going to list out his stats, but to some it up: he can’t strike anyone out, he can’t get anyone to chase, and gives up a bunch of hard contact. The one thing he is doing well is getting ground balls. Specifically, hes getting beat up by lefties. I don’t like the entire Indian’s team here but my main focus will be the following: Lindor, Ramirez, Mercado (always underowned) and Santana. They all have over a .300 wOba and outside of Santana, they have .240 ISO to righties. Santana is more than capable of getting one to go out of the park.

Dodgers: oh you know I love these Dodgers, the late night hammer. I really love them when we have a large slate like tonight. Arrieta has been decent this year but he’s turned into a ground ball pitcher at this point in his career. Arrieta does get beat up by lefties, where he struggles to strike them out and gives up hard contact. The Dodgers lefties led by Bellinger, are in a great spot here. They all carry over a .355 wOba and almost all have over a .200 ISO. I still like Turner here as well if you need him but focus on the following in order: Bellinger (duh), Joc, Muncy, Seager, and Verdugo.

Honorable Mention:

  • Coors Teams, Red Sox, Rangers, Braves, Nationals

Favorite One-Off: 

  • Josh Bell

Pitchers To Consider:

  • Bauer
  • Wheeler
  • Lucchesi
  • Corbin
  • Smith

Dumpster Diving:

  • Skaggs
  • Duffy
  • Pomeranz

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