Miz Taeks – GPP Stacks 6.11

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Welcome back! Nats did awesome, while the Rays did “okay” and Yankees PPD. Tonight I like a lot of the same as last night. The Yankees are going up against Vargas, and I still love that stack. I will be copying what I wrote yesterday about them as full disclosure. 

Nationals: Again tonight the Nats take on the White Sox and Manny Banuelos. If not for injuries, I can’t see how this guy would still be in a rotation. A 5.42 xFIP, 9% swinging strike rate, and getting hit hard? Yep, hes bad. Both sides are getting to him, but the Righties have the edge by a hair. Pesky Nats! Rendon, Turner and Kendrick all have over a .400 wOBA and and .225 ISO to righties this season. (except Turner, but sample is smaller). Turner went nuts last night, and this could be the string of dominant games we’ve wanted from him. Dozier has been on another level this month, as I said yesterday. I like Suzuki better than Gomes, but I’ll be happy to use either one. Look for them to continue the success vs the chi-sox again tonight.

This is what I wrote yesterday and it applies again today because of the PPD.

Yankees: Ok if you think Vargas is going to do what he did last game, then you are going to be very tilted. Vargas is bad. He currently has a 4.80 xFIP, under 20% K-rate, 7.7% swinging strike rate, and gives up 40% hard contact. He’s worse against lefties, but gives up more hard contact to righties. That leads me to believe that he’s going to get worse against them. Dating back to last season, the Yankees destroy lefties. Instead of highlighting their numbers I will list my favorites: Sanchez, Frazier, Voit, Didi, Torres, DJ, Hicks. All these guys are perfect for one-offs as well!

Pirates: Folty was much better last year. This year has been one he would like to forget. A 4.86 xFIP, under 20% strike out rate, 48% hard contact, over .370 wOBA and .329 ISO to both sides! Good grief. Josh Bell baby! I’m in love with Bell tonight and he’s a perfect 1-off if you need one. He currently has a .359 ISO and .455 wOBA vs righties this year, along with 49% hard contact. Play him. Following Bell, Colin Moran has been doing very well the last two weeks and has a .227 ISO and .361 wOBA to righties. Polanco and Marte are also right there, but I’ll use Newman, Reynolds, and Kang as value to fill in. ARRRGGGHHH! 

Honorable Mention:

  • Rays
  • Braves
  • Dodgers
  • Coors

Pitchers To Consider:

  • Castillio
  • Paddock
  • Corbin (sorta worried about him though)
  • Hudson
  • Turnbull
  • E. Hernandez (very interesting, also could be in dumpster divers)

Dumpster Divers:

  • Means
  • Thorton (don’t love it)

Shout-out to @UNCFranchise for reading, understanding, and applying! 

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