Miz Taeks – GPP Stacks 6.14

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Full Slate ALERT!! There are many viable stacks, so if building lineups don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just the ones I list. 

Rangers: Mahle as been decent for the Reds this season. On the surface his numbers look pretty good with a 3.46 xFIP and 25% K-rate, and 31% fly ball rate. However when you look a bit closer, you find that the lefties are the ones that bother him. He’s currently allowing a .378 wOBA, .263 ISO, 19% K-rate, 42% fly ball rate, and 44% hard contact. We know by now that the rangers are loaded with lefties. Choo leads the pack with a .414 wOBA and .266 ISO against righties and will likely lead off. He should be popular but for good reason. Everyone else on the team has over a .353 wOBA as well. Santana, Mazara, Cabrera, and Guzman are my next favorites. Don’t be afraid of Andrus, and as always, Odor will probably be popular.

Red Sox: Luis Ortiz is being called up and will start for the Orioles. Looking at his numbers in AAA, he has a 5.60 xFIP, 16% K-rate, and allowing 2.3 hr/9. He’s a ground ball pitcher, but not having much success in the minors, I would not want to face the Red Sox in my first call up. You can play everyone in the Sox lineup, and you know who the best ones are by now. My favorite will be Devers, and he will end up lower owned than Benintendi, JD, and Bogaerts. Don’t forget about Chavis. He’s been slumping but this is a slumpbuster matchup. These guys should be popular but it’s hard to get away from them.

Indians: Tonight they go up against the Tigers and Ryan Carpenter. This dude is bad: 5.63 xFIP, 40.7% fly ball rate, 2.73 hr/9, 7% swinging strike rate and 44.5% hard contact. Carpenter is begging us to stack against him. I’ll be honest, I hate the Cleveland Indians this season. All the luster from the last few years is gone. That being said, nearly every team has their spots and I think this is theirs. Luplow is a beast vs. lefties boasting a .464 wOBA and .433 ISO. My next favorite is Lindor, who has been better lately, with a .371 wOBA and .218 ISO. He’s a cash play as well. If Perez is catching tonight, I would use him. He currently has a .416 wOBA and .295 ISO this season. With all that said, just mix in the ones that fit your lineup. Carpenter is so bad that I don’t think it will matter. I would also bet the over on the Indians team total. 

Honorable Mention:

  • Coors 
  • Dodgers
  • Phillies/Braves game stack
  • Astros

Pitchers To Consider: 

  • Scherzer
  • Cole
  • Giolito
  • Snell
  • E. Rodriguez
  • Plutko
  • There’s a ton I could list so don’t hold yourself to just these if you like someone

Dumpster Divers:

  • Sabathia 
  • Matz
  • Davies
  • Brault

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