Miz Taeks- GPP Stacks 6.18

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Red Sox: oh yeah we get Pinedaaa!! This should come at no surprise to anyone. Pineda stinks. He’s currently rocking a 4.50 xFIP, 19.7% k-rate, 42.9% fly ball rate, and 44% hard contact rate. The real trouble is with righties. He’s allowing a .366 wOBA and .245 ISO, along with a 45.5% fly ball rate, and a 49.6% hard contact rate. Mr. Pineda, please meet Mr. Betts, Mr. Martinez, and Mr. Bogaerts. All three of them have over a .366 wOBA and .209 ISO against righties. Oh and by the way, they aren’t striking out. Outside of some pine tar, I don’t expect Pineda to make it very long here tonight. I also love Vazquez at Catcher as he’s having a great season. The lefties of Boston all have above a .349 wOBA to righties. Load them up and make them a priority!

Orioles: This should help provide you some value outside of the Indians tonight. The Orioles are decent against lefties, and especially bad lefties like Brett Anderson. Anderson currently has a 4.82 xFIP, 12.6 K-rate, 7.8% swinging strike rate, and 40% hard contact. What saves Anderson is that he gets a bunch of ground balls and pitching in Oakland. That being said, if you can’t strike these guys out, they are capable of making good contact. Alberto is your play at 2nd. I would much rather have him than stupid Kipnis in GPPs. W You should know how good Mancini is against lefties now, (.271 ISO, .423 wOBA) but don’t forget about Nunez and Severino. Both have over a .303 ISO and .388 wOBA to lefties. The sample size is small but I wouldn’t shy away from Santander if you need him.

Dodgers: What did you expect? I don’t care what Shaun Anderson has done thus far. The amount of lefties that the Dodgers have, and the high talent level of those lefties, I will side with them. Muncy came through for us yesterday, but I will load them up and they will smash Anderson. In or out. I’m in.

Favorite One-Off:

  • Josh Bell

Honorable Mention:

  • Indians (such a trash team)
  • Astros
  • Nationals
  • Yankees
  • White Sox (very contrarian)

Pitchers To Consider:

  • Verlander
  • Kershaw
  • Hamels
  • Degrom
  • Woodruff (love)
  • Corbin
  • Yamamoto

Dumpster Divers

  • Happ
  • Mitch Keller
  • Bailey
  • Kikuchi

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