Miz Taeks – GPP Stacks 6.19

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Pirates: I feel like I’m the only one that ever plays these guys, but they tend to do well when I do. Tonight they are up against Jordan Zimmerman who’s making his first start back from the IL (elbow). Any time you see an elbow with a pitcher, just go right at them. More often than not, they will help your stack produce. In his short stint this season he had a 16% K-rate, 4.96 xFIP, and 9% swinging-strike rate. He also allowed 4 runs in 4 innings his last rehab start. To me, that really doesn’t seem like he’s ready to return, but what do I know? I do know that he historically hasn’t been good especially last season. He’s slightly worse to lefties, but you really can’t go wrong. Again, I’ll be targeting my boy Josh Bell. It’s really crazy how much better he’s gotten at hitting this season compared to last. He’ll likely be followed up my Moran and Polanco, which I like in that order. If Dickerson makes the lineup you can use him especially as a value piece. Kevin Newman is always underowned and has been playing very well. Don’t forget about Marte!

Mets: Max Fried, who I think will be good, has been getting dominated lately. That has caused his price to drop with it. The best part about this matchup is that if you look at last year you will see he’s a reverse-splits pitcher. This means that he does worse against the same handedness of the batter. He’s a lefty and he does worse against lefties. Granted the sample size was small, but we have to try and find an edge where we can. If you look at this year, or both together, the numbers look good to both sides. That being said he’s struggling right now and we need to capitalize when we have the opportunity. Pete Alonso is the best bet here as he dominates both sides and has all the power you could ever wish for. My next favorites are Conforto and Cano who will likely follow up Alonso. Rosario is a good option at SS although he’s a little expensive now on Draftkings. 

Dodgers: Yep you guessed it. Dodgers will likely run out 3 right handed hitters to start followed by Bellinger. We know by now how well Bellinger can hit no matter what handedness the pitcher is. Pomeranz has a 5.65 xFIP, 19% K-rate, 7.4% swinging strike rate, which is not good against a team like the Dodgers. Add on the .408 wOBA and .248 ISO allowed to righties and you have a prescription for a nice stack! Turner, Kike, and Freese will likely be up top and I will make them a priority. Turner will be my #1 from this entire group. 

Honorable Mention:

  • Indians and Rangers will likely be the most popular and for good reason. You know by now how much I hate using the Indians, but don’t shy away from that tonight. It cost me last night. 
  • Braves
  • Angels
  • Red Sox & Twins game: they used a ton of pitchers in that extra innings game last night. The mangers will likely try and force the starters to stay out there as long as they can regardless of results. This is an interesting game stack. 

Pitchers To Consider:

  • Giolito
  • Scherzer
  • HIll
  • Gray
  • E. Rodriguez

Walmart $5 DVD Bin:

  • Richards
  • Williams
  • Lester
  • Poncedeleon 

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